Brighton Capoeira Filhos de Angola
Keeping the Angola vibe in Brighton



Friday – Beginners Class

St. Mary’s Church Hall, Highdown Rd., Lewes BN7 1QE

6.30pm to 8.30pm


Al – 07900020491



Tuesday – St. Mary’s Church Hall, Highdown Rd., Lewes BN7 1QE

4:10pm to 5:10pm – 5 to 8 year olds



Susie 07748 471 491


6 Responses to “Classes”

  1. Hello – I’m just wondering when you have classes for beginners and how much they are? Hope to hear from you – thanks!

  2. Hi Stefano,

    All our classes are open to beginners – just turn up, and we will look after you and make sure we can teach something at your level. Everybody trains together.

    Classes are £6 pounds contribution towards the cost of renting the space.

    Come along! Hope to see you there soon, let me know if you need any more information.



  3. Hi there, i’m really interested in coming along as i’ve always wanted to learn Capoeira. Do i need to bring anything with me and what should i wear?
    thanks Sally

  4. hi im just wondering if you do private lesso’s? because im now 0.0 about capoeira so i dont want be embaracing, thanks

  5. hi there my girlfriend and i are interested in the capoeira begginers class…have you got any active capoeira clases now??thanks

  6. I wonder whether you have ever run ‘outreach’ or off-premises type sessions that run as one-offs as an intro to Capoeira? Basically, we are a summer school up in Hurstpierpoint, providing English language and activities to kids from around the world, they are teenagers from about 20 different countries, with about 300 with us at a time.

    Next summer we would like to increase the range of fun stuff they do. All their ‘free-time’ is broken up into 90 sessions and we offer such a range that they can join any one of their choice each time.

    If you can do one-off workshops then I would like to think about planning 3 sessions over the summer month for about 10-15 kids (teenagers), possibly on Saturday mornings.

    Have you done work with international kids before? Is it possible for you to get up to Hurstpierpoint, for such a schedule? It would be July and Aug.

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